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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to the65gto

Re: [Internet] More Modem Shenanigans

said by the65gto:

LOL....When the house was built, we had a "communications" cabinet installed in one of the walls. All the home runs are there for lan, phone, Tv feeds etc. IF (when) the wife moves things around, I can go to the patch panel and change the lan/phone jumper to the other side of the wall, change the coax to the active plug. So the main BH cable enters there, the normal tap for modem and the other for tv. Its a metal cabinet, so antennas had to be mounted external or the router external.

Okay just must have his toys and the laundry room just doesn't cut I'm there for ya I know you have all this money invested already but you might want to consider a high power AP from Engenius Technologies...such as » ··· genius+n

They kick some serious butt and as long as you can configure it yourself without calling support you will be fine and while helpful...there is a language barrier that can drive some nuts. Otherwise they make some seriously powerful AP's and at a reasonable price. I've used them in a number of installations where nothing else worked.
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