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South Richmond Hill, NY
reply to RiseAbove

Re: [JB] How they did it - AWSOME

said by RiseAbove:

Looks like a bunch of people will be stuck on 6.1 because I have a feeling these holes should be patched up for the next build. Why people decided to post almost every detail of the jailbreak instead of letting Apple guess is beyond me.

You think Apple won't analyze and debug what the jailbreak does? The same way all these other people have posted the process of the jailbreak is exactly what Apple will do with their own team who also happens to have access to the source code.

Did it myself; watched the Linux version Jailbreak two devices with strace -ff -s4096 ./evasi0n.x86_64 2>&1|tee /tmp/jailbreak.log

That's just client-side with push-pull, didn't watch iOS. When a "white-hat" exploit driven OS compromise dubbed "Jailbreak" is released it's trivial to see how they did it. The real art itself is the vulnerability discovery and packaging. I'll tip my hat to evad3rs, well done, and a very well packaged "idiot" ready solution across Windows, OS X, and Linux. I would encourage supporting these folks through PayPal.

I would be more concerned with post-Jailbreak if the security issues are address in the form of deb/Cydia patches. Through their awesomeness they've defeated ASLR, code-signing, a read-only filesystem (mount -o remount,ro / == yummy), and the illusion of walled garden security. I'd love to see a DMCA-friendly errata backport method for patching the same vulnerabilities that allowed us to free our devices.