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Grants Pass, OR

[Exede] Exede/ Viasat does not post customer complaints

I called again tonight to complain about the crappy connection. I asked the lady to look back at my notes and she said, no comments in there except for Oct, when I called about connection issues.

I just called a week ago or so with huge complaint of connection issue and pages not loading or moving.

Nothing in my account about that.

They are also trying to blame my router for my connection issues. I will be open minded about that.

I would never recommend them, can't wait to get rid of them.

Slow, freezing, pages not loading, message how their is no connection when their is and constant disconnect through out the day, several times an hour. It is so over priced.


Our Exede works great! What you describe sounds more like HughesNet Gen4.


Goodwater, AL
If he is on Exede and not Gen4, Grants Pass, Or., zip code 87020, would be on Exede5 beam, and the Exede web site says that beam is closed because it's sold out.

That means he is sharing beam width with Legacy customers, and it's where a lot of customer complaints are coming from..

WB has over-sold those western beams...
Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers


Fresno, OH
reply to Maria5131
Not only that...IMHO...there is a HUGE difference between Exede 5 and Exede 12 because of a number of factors. I think Viasat made a big marketing mistake by calling it all "Exede".


said by OldSatUser:

Not only that...IMHO...there is a HUGE difference between Exede 5 and Exede 12

Being an Exede 5 consumer, I'd say during non-primetimes on my beam, WB-1:163, no big differences in upload/download speeds when compared to Exede-12 users.

But, in regards to Maria's beam, I would suspect she is on Exede-12 beam, like 367...but I have not heard any issues on that beam.

I don't think Maria's post was on-topic here, more of a rant. It would be interesting to see some Testmy.net results, check SB2 modem's stats. Sounds like she has an installation issue or computer/router issue.


Decorah, IA
reply to Maria5131
Routers "can" slow things down,Hook it up straight from the modem to a pc and see if that makes any difference..Did they mention to try that?