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Livermore, CA

Comcast rep just divulged info to me regarding speed increas

So I just got off the phone with a comcast rep. I called because I was having slow speeds/latency issues and I since there was an outage in my area about a week ago which was causing the same problem, I wanted to see if there was another outage.

Anyways, after resolving my issue, for the heck of it I asked him about the Extreme plan and if a truck roll is still needed to get the plan. He told me yes and then he also said that they are increasing peoples speeds. He specifically mentioned Blast and how they are working on getting some people to 35mb down/6mb up. I told him i've had this speed for years now. I then asked him if I would get upgraded to 50mbps down since i've already had 35mbps down and he said yes and that they are improving the speeds for everyone.

Now heres the biggie, I asked him when this would happen and he gave me a specific time frame of by April/May of this year. I asked him how he knew this and he told me because he saw it on a poster in their "huddle room."

So you can take this with a grain of salt but I just thought i'd share.

Chris 313
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Houma, LA
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While I would take that with a big grain of salt and chalk it up to a rep that has his wires crossed. It does make sense for areas that aren't completely up to Blast 50/15 snuff. My area supposedly offers Extreme 50/15, but the way the system is configured until the upgrades are complete, it'd struggle to give the complete speed. 35/6 until the upgrades are complete isn't unheard of.

I've always thought that whatever powerboost was set for in their advertising would be what the next speed upgrade was gonna be.

While being upgraded to D3, I've read about areas getting more then one upgrade as the things were completed.


Burlingame, CA

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reply to egeek84
I've been hearing first half 2013 for a nationwide rollout of the upgrade the Northeast already got, so this doesn't really surprise me. One thing I have noticed lately on my own cable connection is a >2dB improvement in both downstream power and SNR since about a week ago. Prior to that my signal levels had been pretty much unchanged for years. Probably just a coincidence, but I always get excited when I notice changes like that.