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Princeton Junction, NJ
reply to DonianAzar

Re: Recording from tape to Audacity

said by DonianAzar :

when I plugged in the cable to my old computer it would ask me for line or microphone. This new computer doesn't ask me anything when I plug it in

Because it's strictly a mono MIC input, which is NOT going to work for your purposes.

said by DonianAzar :

...and plug the cable in the 'phones' slot and the other end of the cable to the tape player.

There's your problem! The "PHONES" slot is an output jack FOR HEADPHONES to monitor (listen to) what you're playing through the Behringer UCA202 USB device. You need a cable coming from the tape player with a pair of standard RCA plugs (one for each stereo channel) that plugs into the corresponding two RCA jacks marked "INPUT" on the side of the Behringer OPPOSITE from the "PHONES" jack side. You cannot use the cable with the little Mini Plug that you used with your old computer...and you cannot feed the output from your tape player into a headphones jack. I'm looking at a good photo of the UCA202 here: »www.behringer.com/assets/UCA202_ ··· e_XL.jpg

Also, once you straighten out your wiring and connections, make sure you understand and follow the instructions on the Audacity pages for setting up Windows 7.


I wanted to thank everyone for their help, especially Steely who had many good suggestions. I have now found out that my brother's computer will play my tapes with no problem. Both of our computer's run on the exact same operating system, but his records my tapes whereas mine does not. Again thank you all for your help, and I will soon resolve this issue.