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reply to YukonHawk

Re: Triple Play without renting modem

said by YukonHawk:

Last week I called Comcast and pressed the button to cancel service so that I could talk to a Retention Rep. I said I didn't want to cancel but that I would like to buy a Zoom modem and stop paying the 7 bucks for renting. They said yes, BUT that I would then be charged for the Arris EMTA. So either way they got ya by the nuts!

Wait, I don't understand. You're renting the Arris eMTA now, you want to replace it with your own and return the Arris to them, right?

So what does "then be charged for the Arris EMTA" mean? Swapping your owned device in should be fine and save you the rental. Please clarify as I am in the midst of helping several people lower their costs.



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Because: Comcast only charges one modem rental fee( when phone and hsi). That has been part of the confirmation close for years. Such as, if you currently rent your cable modem, there is no extra charge for the EMTA. If you own your cable (edit-modem), a $.... charge will apply for the EMTA.


Burlingame, CA
There is no item in my bill for a rental modem or eMTA despite having Triple Play. Instead I have the usual "owned modem" line with a charge of $0.00.


Patterson, NY
reply to NightOwl2
That''s exactly right NightOwl


reply to Tobin
Yes, you said a non-voice modem. I'm assuming that you are not using the phone portion of the triple play? Many older customers do not have a computer but get the TPlay, (through various providers) for cost, as do consumers who are not using the phone. If you rent an EMTA, in many packages, there is a charge. Same with certain packages, (again, all providers) might include AnyRoom, Whole Room, etc. DVR equipment/or outlet fee, HD, in the cost.