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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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Re: Gas line extension

My own experience found that a Natural Gas distributor would have to cost justify the installation cost. I live in a development where a high pressure natural gas line passes the development along the highway in front of the development. When the developer started planning the 99 home development in 2003, a gas company representative met with the developer and offered to install a high pressure gas distribution system throughout the development at no cost to the developer. The gas company offered the developer an incentive about $1,400.00 per home if the developer guaranteed that 95% of the homes would be built with natural gas for space heating, water heating and the default range was a gas range.

The development was a tract home development and the developer did not want to modify the home plans for gas plumbing. The developer believed that by installing high SEER heat pumps the cost for heating would be comparable to the cost of natural gas. I contacted the gas company in 2007 to determine the cost to install a gas line for a generator. I was advised that the cost to install a gas line to my home would be prohibitive because I was about 800 feet from the highway. Even if all the homeowners along my street agreed to convert to gas appliances the gas company could not justify the installation would be cost. In developments that were already completed the installation cost is much higher than installing a gas distribution system on unimproved land.

In New Jersey the likelihood that each homeowner will use enough gas each year, might make it easier to prove out the cost effectiveness of extending the gas line.