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Re: Help with snow blower what one to pick?

said by TOPDAWG:

Where can I even find some Honda blowers and prices? OS what is a good name to look for being as Honda is just out of my price range.

Yeah the honda's are stupid expensive for the small size of them. I know only one person with one. It suits them out in the sticks with the tracks on it, but for a driveway, the tracks are bothersome since they don't have the turn radius of the wheeled type.

Good machine, but you can buy two snowteks for the price of one of those Honda's.

Stick with Areins due to the Briggs & Stratton motor and available parts for anywhere. The other will have you running around down the road looking for who has stock.

Sears is also having a clearance sale of end-of-line models I believe. Check searc.ca The sale has been going on for a month now. Not sure what inventory they have left on the clearance. But they might be more pricey than what you pasted above. So this is another make I would also go for.

Personally, I find the 24" a bit too small. But then again it all depends on your driveway and how/where you can store it. Larger one = problems if you have to get it through a gate or have storage issues.

I used the guy next door to me 24" Canadian Tire one he got on sale (end-of-line) last year for 500$. It's ok and does the job well, but it doesn't throw the snow as far as the Ariens I found. Which was a bit of a pain in the ass when doing a double-width driveway. It really lacked in throwing distance.

The Ariens. No issue with it, but I only used a 32" ariens on mine. More powerful so the distance, I guess, was better.

I never used the sears brands, but if you look at them, stick with the B&S motor, due to part availability. But some people down the road from me have the sears ones and they like them.

I was going to buy one this year, »Snow Blower (Thrower), but i'm going to hold off till March or April when people want them off their store floors.

What I have noticed with some newer 32" ariens models is that the front ends are lighter, so some of the newer ariens may ride up on the snow instead of cutting into it. Seen this issue with one model from last year. So they guy had to weigh the bucket end down.

Last year 1400$ ariens were selling for about 950 out of season.

Make sure it's all steel and check reviews on them.