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[Internet] Bell Service is as good as ever.

Called Bell on Mon (Feb 4) to "upgrade" my 15/10 to 50/10 on Fibe. 15 painful mins later my order was placed and was told within 24 hrs I will be downloading at 50Mbps. Bell speedtests all week top out @ 25Mbps (and YES I AM USING A WIRED system to do the test, like my 300Mpbs wireless n can't handle 50Mbps). Called Bell tech support this AM, order not complete ... really nice fella says he'll fix it, asks me to cold reboot modem which I can't do immediately. 30mins later I reset everything, speedtest ... 15Mbps. WTF? Call back techsupp ... my profile shows 15/10 with a 50/10 order date of March 5 ... seems Bell doesn't understand numerical month values. Tech supp rep says he'll contact billing to fix at which point the line drops ... 15mins later still no call back. Not like they don't have my phone number. Unbelievable.

Why is it so painful to deal with Bell? Are they so inept for everyone? I am REALLY starting to regret leaving Videotron.


Do it through online chat.


Cobourg, ON
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Make a thread about this under the sub-forum Bell Canada Direct. The Bell techs there can be extremely helpful with your case.


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Wrong profile or too far from the nearest remote one or the other.


Sarnia, ON
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I can't believe you went to Bell. You must have no options in your area or you are too lazy to look for better value. Their usage per internet plan is ridiculous. Heck they are worse than Cogeco. Do these companies know how big in terms of file size some legit purchases off of Steam are to download ? Do they realize how big of a download WOW and it's expansions are ?