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This is a sub-selection from Thank you browser add-ons


Glen Head, NY

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Re: Thank you browser add-ons

said by Packeteers:

unload adblock and see if this helps instead;


it blocks all the ad IPs using no resources
well before you even open your browser
and you don't even have to keep it loaded
unless you need to enable ads on the fly.

I used to do that but some ad server IP's also host legitimate content. I started getting to many broken links and found that AdBlock was really the only solution for me. Add in Ghostery to prevent tracking and everything works pretty well.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable
yes, i do concede hostsman can occasionally block something commercial you may want - here is a case in point; last summer i started playing a new mmo from a new publisher who freely admitted in their FAQ they were accumulating data for marketing research and university study programs, so naturally hostsman blocked one or both of these entities which in turn disabled part of the game launcher, so in order to play i had to disable hostsman. about 2 months later their blacklists were updated to allow this game to run unfettered. so desirable content may rarely get blocked, but eventually it does seems to sort itself out - and i have since returned to using hostsman without further incident.