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Karl Bode
News Guy
reply to nedriv

Re: Other customers can see my infor

Appreciate that...

West Mich.
If you write this up don't forget to view the change log to get a sense of the censorship by hughes.

Including another one of my replies that was removed:

This reply has been removed by Hughes:

You can remove my posts but you have some big problems and this is just WRONG. You need to reasure your customers that their private and financial data is secure. that steps amounting to more than "we will be reaching out to you" are being taken. This kind of stuff is important Read the post, understand the risk to your customer ! Forget the PR, just show Amy and the rest of your customers some substance beyond censorship !

Replies can be removed by community moderators if they contain inappropriate content or private information. This was the reason given in this case: Hughes: ""

Also, many of the people that contributed have been banned from the site, myself included.