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Sony NSZGS7 Media Player & Ultra TV?

I just place an order with WOW to save a little money by switching from my current WOW Package, over to Ultra TV. Will I still be able to plug my Sony NSZGS7 Media Player in like before? I liked that I didn't have to have my PC on with Plex running in order to stream Netflix. I also liked the ability to use YouTube, Crackle, Chrome, Hulu+, and my Android Cell phone as a remote or to catch/throw video back and forth. The double sided Sony remote is also a great all-in one remote.

It saves me $50 a month, but I really like the Sony set-top media box.


Man, I started reading the reviews of Ultra TV, and I'm really begining to wonder if I'm making the right choice!?! Does anybody have ANYTHING positive to say about it?


I've had it for a year.

My wife and I are happy with it. We have over 50 show in the schedule no missed so far. Quality on par with the old SA box. I love that i can play shows at either TV. It does a nice job streaming from my home server.

We don't use the wifi from it. No Internet issues when using the wired ports.


The Sony device may not be able to interface and control ultra tv like it does some DVRs, but if you put it a d ultra on two different HDMI inputs, the Sony can work as a stand alone device.


Didn't think of that... so worse case I can't control my DVR/Cable through it, but could still have the rest of the apps... hmmmm back to multiple remotes I guess! lol


reply to Gwizzy
I would just download playon server and use that for netflix, crackle, youtube, chrome, hulu+. You should also be able to get the playon server on your android and do the catch/throw video back and forth.


Eveything through the connected media server looks like poor quality when I view it through the WOW gateway. But when i use my PC or Google gateway, it looks like normal/HD.

I'll try Playon, but I really do like PLEX...