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HomeFusion Problems

Conclusion: Verizon HomeFusion Problems - Product Inoperable

Observations from 22 Days of Verizon & Homeowner Efforts
Dates: Jan 17- Feb 6, 2013
Location: Tucson, AZ near Prince Rd & Soldier Trail Rd, stated by Verizon to be “in a very good 4G zone for reception, one mile from the cell phone tower supplying the 4G service”

Sales: Verizon store personnel didn’t know how to complete sales documentation, having sold very few units

Installation: well-trained, responsive, polite installer

The Cantenna: four different ones were replaced, all but one failed to maintain an internet connection longer than 12 hours, breaking connection (and failing to reconnect until power cycled via unplugging) up to eight times a day

The Router: twice replaced, no observations

The Tech Support:

- multiple failed attempts stopped cold at the Verizon main phone number (disconnected, wrong extension, Spanish language, etc.)

- first level technical personnel could offer only two interventions: unplug the cantennae or unplug the cable router; they had no other information available of any kind

- second level technical support were surly and had no further assistance

- third level (“trouble ticket”) personnel had access to the network functioning in the area but their interventions were also limited to hardware replacement or rebooting; they pointed towards ‘a drive around’ to access 4G reception in the area but could not schedule same within install time frames, ‘or for several weeks’

- when asked the third time via different technical support personnel, the Company agreed to extend the 14 day window of free use of the product for another 14 days; customer ended effort at 22 days having no confidence in the product nor the technical support and having spent nearly thirty hours trouble-shooting the devices

The Internet Connection:

- speeds as advertised, but wildly variable on ping, download and upload, and showing many spikes on graphs suggesting poor connections; no Verizon personnel had access to devices nor online data that could pinpoint and remedy the problems


Etowah, NC
In my location AT&T DSL quality is extremely poor and slow. To add to the insult AT&T will not install any new DSL service! If you move into the area there is no AT&T DSL available and, according to AT&T, the reason for my slow/inferior service is that the service had to be "capped" as they are over capacity with no plans to upgrade their equipment. When I was made aware of Verizon's Homefusion I thought I finally had a good broadband option. Was was very wrong!

Starting with an installation scheduling disaster - the installer was not informed of the correct installation time - to technical problems and a gigantic data usage I canceled the service five days after unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issues. Technical support was unable to explain or resolve my problems and when they elevated the problem to the highest tier of Verizon technical support the problems were not even addressed.

Data usage issue: Although my pattern of internet usage remained the same after Homefusion installation my data usage rose from approximately 6BG/month with AT&T to approximately 5 GB in 24 hours! No one at Verizon Tech Support could explain the discrepancy. Since my Homefusion contract allowed 10 GB/month I would have been in deep financial trouble had I continued to use the service. (AT&T has an allowance of 150 GB/month.)

Speed: This is a real puzzler and Verizon Tech Support remained mystified. My download speed rarely exceeded 6 Mb/second and my upload speed was usually GREATER than the download speed.

When I finally called to cancel the service I was told to bring the Router to the Verizon store where I purchased the service. When I arrived at the store, after a considerable wait, I was informed that I had to *send* the Router back to Verizon and that Verizon would send me a prepaid shipping box. Seven days later I'm still waiting for that box.

Finally, I discovered that even though I canceled my service withing the fourteen-day trial period I would be charged a $35 "restocking fee". Oddly, Verizon does not want the large outside antenna "drum" returned, even though it is obviously an expensive item. It will remain a fixture on the outside of my house as a reminder that while Verizon is different from AT&, it is just as inept.