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Carlisle, PA
reply to keason

Re: Press release says CS was differentiator

said by keason:

The real reason that consumers are happier with their shared plans is probably because it's addressed their old points of pain. Nearly everyone has experienced a voice or text overage , and responded by overbuying on their next plan. It's all gone with the new unlimited plans.

Really? Can't tell you the last time I had a voice overage. Everyone I call is "in network". Before I left AT&T for Verizon I think we had like 3k rollover minutes.

And I don't text so I could care less. Everyone I want to text to is on iMessage so that's data. Those that text me get a call back. I think my total text bill for last year was $5.00.

I'll run the #'s but I don't see how for us (2 iPhones, 1 dumbphone, no texting) it would save us $$. Last time I ran it, it would up our bill $20 and give us less (I'm on unlimited data).