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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?

Hey, neat that you did this Diskace. Didn't even know an ISP would do this, let alone a wholesaler.

So I guess videotrons tracker is right. At least, it was for the day(s) you captured.

So, umm, since you had permission to DPI this guy are you going to let us know what kind of kinky fetish porn he's in to?

Electronic Box CEO
That is the whole point. I don't want people who think the counter is broken to start thinking we can setup this type of filter for every request. It's impossible business wise.

We wanted to see if there was something wrong and if that was the case like Mr. redneckcowboy suggested (30 GB discrepencies on Feb 1st) i would be the first in line to contact the engineers at the cable operator to point them at solid proof there is something broken.

There are some case like Nitra's one where the data consumed in the last 2 hours of the day in the month were reported into next month's cell causing someone to start with 50 GB on the first day of his month. The usage was not duplicated, only reported onto next month. I helped a couple of you guys with the billing side for identical scenarios but i think the tool is pretty reliable in reporting the data consumed.
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Yeah I never had an issue with it.

I think over the course of a month a person can get about 500-meg of usage (under a gig) just by turning the modem on with no router or computer attached. That is the nature of a single wired cable.

When I went to Cuba everything was off except the modem itself (cuz the phone is on it) racked up something like under 100-meg a day.

Now if videotron ever charged me for going over by 1-gig, I would have something to say. But I never saw it spike like what this guy said. To my understanding the modem is polled once every 24-hrs. At least it used to be. No clue if that changed.

But it's good that you were able to do a check like this. +1


Videotron really needs to fix that counter to poll every 15 minutes.
As well, stop banning people from refreshing the page.