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San Diego, CA

[TWC] TWC 3D Pass

I am just curious as to how TWC justifies a $10 charge per month for the 3D Pass? All you get is ESPN 3D (at least in the San Diego, Ca market), a channel that does not broadcast 3D content 24/7.

I had HBO 3D on-demand and Cinemax 3D on-demand with FIOS, and have read that TWC offers these in other markets. Can any other TWC customers confirm if this is so?

thanks in advance

ESPN 3D is a 24/7 channel. It wasn't when it first launched, but it has been for quite some time now. But it does repeat a lot. So instead of being Off Air during certain times they just replay some NCAA football or basketball game from months ago. They do have a decent amount of live 3D broadcasts. I watched the BCS Championship game in 3D live, and on Saturdays they had some NCAA football. Time Warner in my area has had HBO 3D On Demand for quite a while now, probably a year and a half, if not longer. No Cinemax 3D On Demand, in fact never even knew that it existed until I read your post.

And Yes, pretty much across all of TWs footprint, 3D Pass is $10/month and just includes ESPN 3D. And if you think about it, aside from 3Net and Comcast’s own Xfinity 3D, what other linear 3D channels are out there?
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