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Binghamton, NY
reply to Network Guy

Re: Human race is getting dumber

I used to use T-Mobile in the Binghamton market, and there were a bunch of buildings (Wal-Mart, Target, bars downtown that were in basements, Old Navy, the Oakdale Mall, Wegmans, want me to keep going?) where my T-Mobile phone had weak or no signal, but my buddy with Verizon had full bars.

Yes, you can build out a network in the PCS bands with the same coverage footprint of a cellular network, but it requires many more cell sites and a corresponding greater capital expense. T-Mobile never made the effort in Binghamton, and from what I've seen has not made the effort in Scranton/Wilkes Barre either. These markets just aren't big enough for them to justify the expense, so I'll stick with Verizon for the foreseeable future.

Don't get me wrong, I loved T-Mobile, their CSRs were genuinely pleasant to talk to, and I had 1,000 minutes/unlimited texting for less than Verizon was then charging for 450 minutes/500 texts. I'm just at a point in my life, personally (married, kids on the way) and professionally (consulting, which means working on the road) where dead zones are much more than a simple annoyance. Between T-Mobile and Verizon in terms of coverage it isn't even a contest. Hell, Verizon blows even AT&T out of the water in the Northeast, so that as they say is that.