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Lewisville, TX
reply to ropeguru

Re: JD Showers...

said by ropeguru:

But he was not giving all the info in his original post, hence the deception

There was no deception. He said that he is saving additional money over the non-shared plan. His corporate discount is irrelevant, as long as he applied it both before and after. If he claimed he was saving money after switching to both a shared plan AND a corporate rate, then that would be a deception.

But, he didn't do that. And, another poster showed exactly how he saved additional money, with the corporate rate before and after. I have done the same: My bill was about $180 before, and is now about $160 -- and that's with a 19% discount.

You will have to accept that for many users, the shared plan works. My wife is a very light data user (100M/month), leaving most of the data for me to use when tethering my laptop or tablet while I'm on the road. I no longer have to pay a premium for tethering, either.