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Sudbury, ON
reply to TSI Gabe

Re: Changes in Bell AGAS network

said by TSI Gabe:

said by Guspaz:

I never understood that. Why not simply stop accepting new logins on the overloaded links? If a customer randomly gets assigned to it by the round-robin, it fails, their PPPoE client retries seamlessly to the client, and they connect elsewhere.

Over time, the load balances out.

By this mechanism, a wholesale ISP can pretty effectively keep any link from getting overloaded, even stuck with round-robin; if any link goes above a certain threshold, stop accepting new connections on it.

I looked into this, it doesn't work, PPPoE doesn't implement any error code mechanism that says "try again", returning invalid username or password makes a lot of clients freak out and not replying at all causes even more problems.

We've got something coming up very soon that will fix all of this, at this point though I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about it.

Mentioning something....means you've already talked about it . Just pointing things out.

There used to be issues on this on the cable side way back in the D1 days....where there might be 4 downstream channels for a certain area but for some reason all the modems locked onto 1 channel overloading it leaving the other channels relatively unused...

But I know its not the same with DSL, but there has to be a way to balance...somehow....somehow!!!