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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?

Yeah I never had an issue with it.

I think over the course of a month a person can get about 500-meg of usage (under a gig) just by turning the modem on with no router or computer attached. That is the nature of a single wired cable.

When I went to Cuba everything was off except the modem itself (cuz the phone is on it) racked up something like under 100-meg a day.

Now if videotron ever charged me for going over by 1-gig, I would have something to say. But I never saw it spike like what this guy said. To my understanding the modem is polled once every 24-hrs. At least it used to be. No clue if that changed.

But it's good that you were able to do a check like this. +1


Videotron really needs to fix that counter to poll every 15 minutes.
As well, stop banning people from refreshing the page.