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Help on VPN set up

Hello I need some help setting this up. Im using Verizon 4g lte Home Fusion at home and Im trying to lower my ping times. Im using the standard Verizon router modem that comes with the home fusion and need help setting it up to where I can run my net Gear and download DD-wrt to it to run on a VPN. Does anyone know what steps need to be done on the verizon router side to set this up and how does it need hooked up. mIm looking at going with Astrill Vpn but n ot sure how to set this up. Thanks

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Nothing you can do locally, will lower ping times.
A different ISP, using a different technology may.

No VPN will.
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reply to Patrick2082
The fact that it's 4G / wireless makes me shudder even more. Because it's wireless, all bets are off for latency values
due to weather, interference, LOS, radio reflection / refraction, etc.

Not sure what model netgear you're planning on running, but you should also be aware that home routing gear's CPUs
are scaled for price and NOT low latency en/decryption of VPN traffic, which can be another factor.

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As to setting up DDWRT VPN with Astril, did you at least try looking at this page for starters?