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[BC] Telus Phone BAD

My phone is all staticy and horrible it sounds like talking to someone while crumpling a big tinfoil ball. I have called telus repair over and over again but they said they have no one available every time. Eventually someone said they did come out but not to my home. I am paying nearly 60 dollars a month for this phone and its garbage. I am very irritated at the lack of responsibility , knowledge and overall skill they demonstrate.

I have contacted other voip providers to get off telus's god aweful phone system in the area which crackles and static make me feel I am in a war zone and not in a residential area.

It seems " WE CANT TRANSFER " seems to be the motto of these other companies which demonstrates the illegal behavior which both isp's local to the area relish in. When you can't transfer a number it tells me that its a crime in progress it seems with all your providers. Im sick and tired of paying 120 bucks a month to idiots and a service that is ridiculous.

Why are they behaving illegally like a monopoly when it comes to provisioning of telephony technology and transfering lines? I guess you guess are all criminals and allowed to do whatever you want. CRTC is probably taking bribes most likely working with both loser companies. Its pathetic.

I need a SIP solution that can transfer my number off of what appears to be the alcatraz of phone systems that no one can get off alive with a number. Why can't I transfer my phone number is there a problem here, problem seems to be a monopoly.


Chilliwack, BC
It has been my experience that Telus takes problems with the phone line rather seriously and gets them repaired fairly expeditiously. YMMV.
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Vancouver, BC
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Re: [BC] Telus Phone BAD

Troll much?