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How do I share my PC's VPN connection with android phone

I have a subscription to a VPN service but it doesn't work on my android phone. Is there a way to share my computer's connection to the internet (via the VPN's servers) with my android phone? Maybe turn it into a wifi hotspot? Maybe connect to the computer via another VPN connection using OpenVPN?

Additional information: the VPN software from the company is proprietary, and doesn't accept incoming connections. It also shuts off access to the internet for programs any time the connection goes down. My PC has windows vista home premium, and the phone has gingerbread.

Thanks for any help.

Norman, OK
You might try Connectify to turn a wireless computer into a wireless hotspot.


reply to kogey
What VPN service are you using? Do they offer any sort of FAQ / guide to making their service with Android phones?
Based on the info given so far, your questions are better directed at the VPN service's support, methinks...



Fairfield, NJ
Any VPN worth it's salt can be manually configured to work with an android phone. Most (but not all) vpn providers allow at least 2 concurrent connections, meaning you could connect with your computer and phone simultaneously.

If your phone is running android 4.0 or higher, you can use the Android OpenVPN app (or if it's rooted, on any android version)

Otherwise you can use manual setup via PPTP or L2TP protocols


reply to kogey
I'm w/ SoonerAl on this one, at least conceptually. Any connection, VPN or otherwise, should be usable if bridged from another network connection. So whether you literally bridge the networks in the OS, use ICS, or even Connectify to create a wifi hotspot, it's all basically the same thing; a bridge that makes access to the VPN possible. It may not always be as elegant and simple as configuring the VPN directly for your given device, but it always works. In fact, on my iPhone, some apps detect the VPN and refuse to run if active, so this is the ONLY option that works.

In short, when all else fails, bridge!
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