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Kitchener, ON

[DSL] Bell DSL6 vs TekSavvy DSL6

I was kinda curious to know if anyone else has ever made the switch from Bell to TekSavvy and noticed something interesting in the hardware end of their phone line with respect to the line speed drop once they switched. This comes after an interesting observation when I made the switch myself.

Bell offered the same 6Mbit/800Kbit DSL package with an unlimited bandwidth cap as TekSavvy has. The only alleged difference is that TekSavvy's pricing for this same package is cheaper. Figuring it would be worth saving some serious cash by making the switch, I hopped on over. Here's where my interesting observation comes in.

When I was with Bell, my speed test results were actively coming in at just a smidgen over 6Mbit for download, but yet with TekSavvy for some reason, I could only manage to get just over 5Mbit for download. Curious to know what the difference was, I started probing around the modem and found something interesting. Since both Bell and TekSavvy offer the same package, you would seem to think there's no difference, right? Well... I came to find out that what Bell doesn't tell their customers is that in a lot of cases where the lines will physically handle it, Bell will provision them for 7Mbit so that their customer can actually get the full 6Mbit in actual speed.

This observation came in when I went over my line signal status. When I checked this when I was with Bell, I was always at the same number just over 7000Kbit, however when I looked after Bell "installed" the TekSavvy internet, the line was mysteriously only provisioned for 6Mbit.

I realize that this isn't TekSavvy's doing in any way because they have no control over this, but find it interesting that Bell would drop the line speed for a customer switching to the same plan, instead of just leaving the line provisioned as is and calling it a day. Since my line is physically capable of handling the 7Mbit, I was kinda wondering if there was anyone out there who may be able to look at (or maybe change?) the line's profile. Does anyone know of a way of getting Bell to provision their line to the 7Mbit when they know their line will handle it (because it was until I made the switch and I'm using all the same hardware)? If so, your help would be most appreciated.


Belleville, ON
Is it possible to change your speed to 7 Mbps when you are on a 6 Mbps?


Toronto , ON
reply to MrMazda86
HBELL seems to have it's own set of rules it applies to their customers . DSL has overhead , and if they sync the line at 6 megs it will end up less because of this . HBELL syncs the line higher so their customers actually get the full 6 megs ....

MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to MrMazda86
Bell claims that the 7040/1024 speeds are for "FTTN" only, and the Legacy ATM network doesn't support speeds over 6M.

This, despite the fact that they provision their OWN customers on Legacy ATM DSLAMS with 7040/800. I have screen captures from the GAS portal to prove it.

Nobody has specifically challenged them on this with the CRTC.
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reply to MrMazda86
If you have DSL16 and you plugin a "legacy DSL modem" you'll actually get 8mbit sync (7mbit payload rate)

Just more ways bell is both confused and manipulative at the same time.


Scarborough, ON
reply to MrMazda86
Ya I'm pretty sure Bell gives their customers a slightly higher profile so they meet the advertised speeds.


·TekSavvy DSL
reply to HeadSpinning
said by HeadSpinning:

Nobody has specifically challenged them on this with the CRTC.

Since you have the evidence, why don't you challenge them?


Kitchener, ON
reply to afterburn999
I know for fact that they do.

I've seen the proof of it myself. It'd just be nice if there were a way that I could get put back on the 7Mbit profile to be able to actually reach the full 6Mbit actual speed again. I understand though that this is NOT TekSavvy's fault that Bell is freaking EVIL!


Montreal, QC
reply to MrMazda86
In my case, I was getting 6Mbps and as soon as I went with Teksavvy, I was put on 5Mbps profile. Even that was fine as I was getting 5Mbps. Then one day I lost the the connection (this was not loss of sync but actual disconnection; Bell tech words "your line was not connected"). The dry cleaning shop owner who has the Bell box in his back room, told that Bell installed a new box there. After TS asked Bell to send tech and when I got the signal (Bell techs had to come 3 times!!!) it was only 3Mbps!

- Building owner says not changes done to phone wiring
- I'm at same address
- TS says my line cannot hold more than 3Mbps without disconnects and SNR is too high
- I have other Bell/Acanac/Cik users who get 5Mbps the same building!
- nearest CO is less than 750m from me

So you are lucky if you just got bumped down to 5Mbps.