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reply to Upset

Re: Other customers can see my infor

Upset, Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. Hughes tech support and moderators have a proven track record of lying through their teeth to me and I trust them about as far as I could thrown the whole company. All of the information you provided is very useful but what troubles me the most is how they "fixed" it.

They decoupled your account without knowing what the other account was? That is very suspicious in itself. I think it very wise to check with "Concerned" to make sure they do not see you info.

Another concern is that this "fix" is just for your account. Like I said before in the opening post on Hughes Net this is just a remedy for the symptom. It does not identify and fix the problem that caused the symptom. I do programming so I know that if a problem occurred once, and there is no code change, then it will happen again. It's just a matter of time.

said by Upset :

"they mentioned....make sure you put the beginning letters of your SAN in all caps"

If that was all it took to possibly trigger this situation then they have serious problems.

Hughes has a number of customer sites depending on modem technology used. I see you are using Gen4 so I assume it was »my.hughesnet.com
Could you confirm the URL of the site that was affected? I want to test a few things out.

Thanks again.