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Bless you Howie
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Re: [Chat] Everyone ok??

I usually have a window partly open here. Why? The thermostat for the building is in another apartment and it is colder in there, so it is hot in mine. There was snow all over the floor where the window was open! Zero visibility here. Wind up to 50 MPH. 5 inches an hour at times. Boy is it coming down.

This IS a blizzard. Expected to go on until late morning or afternoon tomorrow. I won't be surprised if there are 3 feet of snow here.

Just measured it under the roof overhang at my door: 14" so far. That's not a drift, not out and about, but on the side of the house under the overhang with icicles are dripping.

The Southeastern part of the state are seeing the outages right now because it started there and the snow was moist and broke lines.
Join Teams Helix and Discovery. Rest in Peace, Leonard David Smith, my best friend, you are missed badly! Rest in peace, Pop, glad our last years were good. Please pray for Colin, he has ependymoma, a brain cancer, donate to a children's Hospital.