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Re: [Vista] How should I tweak Vista so it hogs less RAM?

I run Vista on a P4 HT 3.6, 2 gig ram, 128 ATI card. And it screams. Several people who have used this comp are amazed at the speed.
I set my Windows as this:

Click: Start, control panel, System,advanced system settings,advanced,settings, adjust for best performance.

Start,computer, R/click C/: drive select properties, deselect indexing.

Start,control panel, administritive tools,services, superfetch disabled.

Readyboost I also use a 4 gig ( fast ) flash stick , although I'm not to certain of the benefits of it.

Several other tweaks that I cannot remember at present.


Another thing , Vista uses something called memory preselect/predict.
Which means ram is taken at boot up. If you play a game and a lot of ram is used when you reboot that memory is still being taken . To get around this prob boot twice. i.e boot and then reboot again.
Probably used the wrong names for this prob. Sorry!


Beamsville, ON
I did some reading and disabled a few services and here is how it's running.

memory 563mb

total 1917mb
cached 1531mb
free 52mb
physical memory 29%
page file 577mb/4830mb
total 113mb
paged 70mb
nonpaged 42mb


Beamsville, ON
odd, it seems to be running quicker with out superfetch.