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Hilo, HI
reply to igeneralzod

Re: This is why I decided not to choose TWC as my new ISP

Did you check Orange RR's webpage for standard pricing? Hawaii's Regional Data Center is at Orange RR and I don't think our polices are much different. Oceanic TWC has the CURRENT prices on their website.

Nothing is mentioned about wireless router charge on the Oceanic price page but the standard modem issued for DOCSIS 3 plans (20/2, 30/5 and 50/5) is the Motorola Surfboard 6141 which has no builtin wireless router. If one wants to RENT a modem with wireless router built in then there is an additional $10 a month charge for a less than desirable Surfboard modem with wireless router built in. Most use their own router and the excellent Surfboard 6141 rented or purchased. For the Standard plan at 15/1 on Oahu and 10/1 on the neighbor islands you are issued a variety of DOCSIS 2 modems, or you can buy your own. You use your own router as I don't think any of the DOCSIS 2 modems used here have builtin routers.

The prices are right up front on Oceanic's webpage. What is NOT upfront is the special package deals. There is no deal at all currently ...according to the web page. But if you watch TV you will be bombarded with the special deals.
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