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Hilo, HI
reply to TWCisScum

Re: Frustrating and maddening=confident customer??

Geez....I get pissed off at Oceanic TWC but I don't think they are "scum". Scum is Microsoft not any of the ISPs.

As for Oceanic's customer service some of the CSRs are new, or lazy or simply poorly trained but they are not third world! Some are excellent. The problem as I see it is that it has become increasing difficult to reach tier 3 and they are excellent IF you can reach them. Forcing users to first deal with NHD in the Philippines, on an always bad connection, is torture and that should not be and never was, until recently, the only way to reach tier 3. If you are a power user it is a total waste of time to be forced to deal with NHD first. NHD has VERY POORLY TRAINED TECHS WITH HEAVY ACCENTS. But that is not true for Oceanic TWC CSRs and tier 3 techs. They are local folks here in Hawaii and some are very dedicated and strive always to do their best while others are slackers, mediocre, lazy maybe but not "scum".

What could possible be wrong with TWC blocking dangerous ports? I'm glad they do! I recall when they did not and I welcomed them doing it...all the ISPs do it..so why are you singling out TWC?

As for TWC being worse than DSL....I don't get that at all. DSL is extremely limited in the speed that it can provide and many folks, like myself, cannot get DSL at even the weakest speed as we live in cities but are too far even in cities from the CO. I would prefer a superior provider...but I don't think that exists. They are all mediocre to downright crappy...you should not single out one cable ISP...not a single one is better than another...or worse. Iit is a very sad state of affairs we have regarding broadband in the USA.
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Naples, FL
This isn't about Oceanic TW
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