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reply to VioletVenom

Re: Super hydrophobic coating product

yeah, not really new or unique/special/rare.

there were maybe.....4? 5? 6? different companies at CES this year (2013) selling hydrophobic coating solutions.

They predominately target the consumer electronics, or electronics in general, industry.

The stuff is not "home-applicable" (eg you cant get it in a spray can).

its either applied via spin-coating using a solvent or polymer melt, vapor deposition, langmuir-blodget film, or some other standard polymer surface-modification method used in the field of materials science.

Patents differ by process and random distinctions in chemical structure:

C-10 vs c-11 carbon chains.... secondary vs tertiary branching points.... 5 fluorine atoms vs 6 fluorine atoms.

The result is minor processing, stability and integrity under extremely unrealistic conditions designed to expose the very differences that arise from these subtle patent-breaking strategies.

Leander, TX

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said by monglobo :

yeah, not really new or unique/special/rare...The stuff is not "home-applicable" (eg you cant get it in a spray can).

Then obviously this new product is new, unique and special as it is "home-applicable".

"7. How is Ultra-Ever Dry applied?
Answer: The two-part system (top and bottom coat) is sprayed on using air sprayers, pump sprayers or even finger trigger sprayers."