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Streamwood, IL
reply to gdm


I was not allowed to reply to ILpt4U, since his post was over 90 days old, but I worked around it. His post was useful for me to know that I don't have IP-DSLAM service. I had read through a lot of info on this sticky thread before I was sure that this did not apply to me. Since his modem list was relatively fresh, I knew that neither the 3800 or 3801 was on the list, I was able to figure out that I had VRAD DSL service.

Maybe an edit to the first post on the thread could add a preamble to let people know how to figure out if IP-DSLAM applied to them

said by ILpt4U:

The only 3 modems that work with IPDSLAM ADSL2+ are:
2Wire/Pace 2701 hgv-b (supports speeds up to 6 mbps elite plan; supports static & dynamic IP; black & gray in color)
Motorola 2210 (supports all speed plans; only supports dynamic IP; black in color)
Motorola NVG510 (supports all spped plans; supports static & dynamic IP; black in color)

This FAQ seems indicate that if a location qualifies for U-verse TV, then service will be VDSL. Is this still true when ordering an internet-only (or internet + VOIP) package?

The reason I ask is that I am looking into whether to move from my legacy DSL and did an online chat with a sales rep. My location qualifies for U-verse TV, so that would indicate that service here is VDSL. But for internet only the rep said I would purchase an IP IG51X instead of renting a gateway. If I understand correctly, the IP IG51X is a Motorola NVG510, and thus service would be ADSL2+.

If it matters my current service is ADSL2 with a line speed of 8124kbps, but it is throttled back to a throughput of 768kbps. It was the secret deal you could get from Bellsouth for $10/month at the time the AT&T merger was going through. Alas, it no longer costs that little, and no longer seems as fast as it did back then.