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New Castle, DE
reply to Roche1972

Re: [Bill] Comcast charging addl $8.00 "Hddver Converter Re

said by Roche1972:

I am currently satisfied with my re-subscription to Comcast after having Verizon FiOS TV for 5 years. I am just waiting for my first bill to see if there are any mistakes or discrepancies and if there are, I will call Comcast to try and correct them, that's all.

Care to explain why you left Verizon FIOS after 5 years?


The reason why I left Verizon FiOS TV after 5 years was that I became dissatisfied not with Verizon's picture quality but with the programming changes (out of their control) to a few of what used to be some of my favorite channels and they are Boomerang, Fox Movie Channel (which now shares its channel with FXM which shows edited movies with commercial interruptions unlike Fox Movie Channel), FamNet and RFD-TV. Boomerang was once a fine entertaining channel that catered to classic old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and now unfortunately shows mostly modern day cartoons like Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Captain Planet and Dexter's Laboratory. FamNet used to show The Color Honeymooners and Mr. Belvedere but not anymore. RFD-TV was only good for one show and that's Hee Haw reruns on Sunday nights. When I had visited Comcast's website recently, they had an affordable deal that I couldn't pass up so I re-signed up with Comcast and dropped FiOS once Comcast was re-installed. I like that I can get NFL Red Zone as part of a Sports Entertainment package with other sports channels at a reasonable monthly rate of $4.95 for the first 6 months and then $7.95 a month after that. I think that's better than paying Verizon $55 every NFL season for NFL Red Zone and get no other sports channels in return. I also like 2 other channels Comcast has that Verizon doesn't have and they are Aspire and JLTV (Jewish Life TV). Aspire shows old TV series such as I Spy, The Bill Cosby Show, Julia and The Flip Wilson Show while JLTV shows old TV shows like Candid Camera, The New Soupy Sales Show, The Goldbergs, The Chevy Show starring Dinah Shore, and The Jack Benny Program. I also like having not to pay extra for the Encore channels, Flix and Sundance Channel. With FiOS, it costs extra to get those channels. These are the reasons why I switched from Verizon back to Comcast.