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My dog is an elitist

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Re: [Weather] Special weather statements ON, NB, NS, NL

said by Gone:

said by digitalfutur:

Did anyone notice what was common with almost every stuck car? No snow tires.

Saw someone with snow tires slide through a partially paved parking lot today due to driving like a fool. The driver behind the wheel is far more important than the rubber on the rims. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool themselves.

I had to go out late Friday morning for an appointment, and my street wasn't plowed yet. There was a car stuck just up the street and was having a hard time getting out. I backed out of my driveway and went on my way without even a wheelspin. When I got back there was even more snow, and yet another car stuck, this one almost in front of my driveway on the far side, so that I had to make a sharp turn to get in. This time there was a momentary wheelspin before I got straightened out and drove up to the house. I had no trouble the entire trip out, except poor visibility at times on the highway.

I have no snow tires, just my standard all-seasons. OTOH, while I was out I did see a pickup with what looked like giant snow tires driving much too fast and get into a spectacular series of weaving skids and very nearly ending up in the ditch. The nut behind the wheel -- the car part responsible for most accidents.
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