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bell tech issues.. this is getting annoying

this is my ongoing SAGA of trying to get 15 fttn internet to my home
bell tech tells me you need to go to bell to get the full 15 or 25 and I just checked and if you go to bell you can get the full 25 no problem... but currently I can't set you up on 15MB because you will get issues with this company etc.. sorry to swear here but what the F??

he than proceeds to tell me my modem the dlink 520 can't get 15 only 14.. even though on the box it says up to 24... i tell him okay than i have three more new modems here.. speedtouch 516.. the and 2 tplinks... he proceeds to tell me that only bell modems can get 15 and above..

this is getting f'ing annoying.. recommends i go to bell to get the 25fibe because they use special equipment..

right now i feel i am getting the short end of the stick because they want to upsale me their service

I am debating to start a credit card dispute since i paid my service with it... I paid for install for 15MB , and yet when the bell tech checks my line and says I can get 25MB no problem if i sign up with bell makes me thinking someone is playing games.

I've paid for a month service and almost for two weeks I havent' been able to use my connection..


Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

typical bell bullcrap -_-