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Brewster, NY
reply to fotomatt1

Re: [Northeast] Is Verizon Repair working today in NYC?

Verizon has a new feature when you order services they can text you on your cell phone keep you updated on your cell phone.


New York, NY
Yes...except they haven't other than to text me last night to remind me that I have an appointment. When I check the status online for an update on "when will my tech arrive?" it has changed 3 times today. First, it said that I was the next appointment and the tech would arrive between 9am - 10am. Then it changed to between 10am - 11am, and now it says between 9pm - 10pm. I just called again and they said my actual ETA is between 3 and 4pm, but that I shouldn't leave and they can show up as late as 10pm. That is crazy. Who on earth would stay home from 8am - 10pm on a Saturday on the off chance that a tech might show up. They don't even know if the tech showed up for work today.


Howell, NJ
I would call back and first make sure you are talking to a union call center. If you aren't, asked to be transferred. Second asked for a supervisior. You will get a better answer and if you don't like the answer of the first supervisor, ask for their supervisior.