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New York, NY
reply to tito79

Re: [Northeast] Is Verizon Repair working today in NYC?

Yes...except they haven't other than to text me last night to remind me that I have an appointment. When I check the status online for an update on "when will my tech arrive?" it has changed 3 times today. First, it said that I was the next appointment and the tech would arrive between 9am - 10am. Then it changed to between 10am - 11am, and now it says between 9pm - 10pm. I just called again and they said my actual ETA is between 3 and 4pm, but that I shouldn't leave and they can show up as late as 10pm. That is crazy. Who on earth would stay home from 8am - 10pm on a Saturday on the off chance that a tech might show up. They don't even know if the tech showed up for work today.


Howell, NJ
I would call back and first make sure you are talking to a union call center. If you aren't, asked to be transferred. Second asked for a supervisior. You will get a better answer and if you don't like the answer of the first supervisor, ask for their supervisior.