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Stoughton, WI

questions before signing up

since we're located in a wooded area, i have concerns about getting the 4g hotspot service their site says i qualify for. would it be wise to get the "Universal Antenna with Adapter - $49.99" with the initial order, to give us the best chance? i'd like to know for sure before the 24 hr return period is up. i'm thinking this would help? any opinions?
thank you.


Los Angeles, CA
Try it without the antenna. If it reads "Yes" for 4G then you aren't just in an Extended-4G area, you are in the full LTE zone.


Stoughton, WI
reply to rb5505
i found out that if an antenna is needed after ordering just the myfi unit and you call millenicom back within the 24 return period, they will extend the time to 24 hrs after getting the antenna from them, to see if that helps pull in the signal. if not, then it can all be returned if you call them within 24 hrs for a full refund. seems fair (despite the ridiculous 24 hr return rule).