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Detroit, MI

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reply to mileena

Re: Can you make calls on a dead cell phone?

Q) Can I still make calls to 911 or Verizon Wireless?

A) Yes.

Q) Can I use the wifi feature? I tried it but it didn't work. I think Verizon Wireless bricks the phone when they disconnect you for non-payment.

A) Good chance that your doing it wrong some how as I had my Thunderbolt with no phone service for 3 months and was able to use the wifi. Other phones are able to do this on Verizon service as well.

Q) Can you sell a phone that has been disconnected for non-payment?

A) You can but not a good idea as they will still make you pay an ETF.

Q) Can you unlock a phone that has been disconnected for non-payment and take it to another carrier?

A) As of last Sunday this became federally illegal until your contract is up. That is why it is called a "contract".

Q) Can you make calls from a POTS landline after disconnection? I had a friend who claimed he could still make 800 number calls, collect calls, and calls to Verizon when they shut off his landline.

A) Only way to know for sure is to try it but I'm assuming 911 is at least available.

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Pleasant Hill, CA
Hey, thanks to both of you for your replies!

I guess re the cell phone wifi, I must have had some setting incorrect. I can't try it again now, as the phone is in storage and the glass is cracked, but I will try later, perhaps at a different wifi spot.