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Belleville, ON
reply to drmcfluffy

Re: [DSL] Trying to set up my DSL dry loop, Possible wiring prob

I've seen similar setups.
At the end of your building is the demarc with a test panel (end of bells responsibility) either outside or in a utility room.
The large bundled cable is building owned and is the phone lines for everyone in your building.
As it passes through the apartments the assigned pairs are cut and the rest continue to the next one.

By the look of it everyone is provisioned two lines.
your primary one is the orange/red pair and the secondary is the green/red pair.

Try connecting the orange/red pair to the red&green terminals on a phone jack, it should work. if not try the green/red pair.
If neither work do not touch the other wires, bell has connected your service to the wrong pairs (or not at all)


Kitchener, ON
reply to drmcfluffy
As I mentioned though... Make sure that you have the correct line. Depending on where those wires go, you may get a false dial tone. This is why I recommend using the NPA-958-2580 (or in some areas, NPA-958-2622) to make sure that you have the correct line. Usually what I used for doing such tasks is a pre-done phone jack. The way this works is you take a piece of phone cord and attach the red and green to alligator clips. From there, attach the other end of the wires to the new phone jack. This will effectively give you a clip-on connection to be able to test the wires more easily.


reply to ShetiPhian
I tried connecting both sets of pairs to the phone jack beside it, did not get a dial tone from either

So if I get teksavvy to send another bell guy, how can i be sure that they know everything and do the job correctly?

The last time I was supposed to get an email to confirm my installation date (which never happened) and when I called teksavvy a week later they said bell already installed it that friday (which we had someone home that entire time)

i.e I don't want a bell guy to come and 'fix' a connection without confirming the line in my home is active.


Kitchener, ON
Unfortunately, with Bell there are never guarantees. From my experience, most of their technicians don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. What I suspect happened is a Bell tech got lazy and decided that they were just going to provision the line, without actually checking it at demarc. This happens all too frequently, especially if the weather is undesirable.

reply to drmcfluffy
As others have posted the cabling has two lines that were provisioned for your unit. Don't cut any of the other pairs as they are for your neighbours. As you don't know which direction the cabling is running you have 4 possible connections. Hook a jack to the 2 pairs coming in one side of the conduit and check your sync. If that doesn't work check the other two coming in the other side of the conduit. The line is probably disconnected as they had cable and phone service from them and tapped into the house wiring at the demarc and never hooked it back up. If you don't sync then the two circuits are not hooked up at the terminal where the cabling goes to and you will need Bell. If you find the terminal check inside as your dry loop may be labelled and you can hook up one of the two pairs that go into your place. If you live in a multi unit dwelling that is older Bell is supposed to provision to the first point of presence in your unit into a test port.