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Help for Newbie

I am normally pretty savvy technically, so I am sooo embarrassed that I am stumped before even getting started.

So I just bought a Onkyo HT-RC430 receiver to power 8 ceiling mounted Polk RC60i speakers. This is the only thing that the receiver will be used for.

Before cutting holes in my ceilings I decided to plug in the receiver and hook up one speaker just to make sure music did in fact emanate from the speaker, unfortunately everything was quiet. The name of the song is displayed on the screen however.

I have never used a receiver before so I really don't know where to start trouble-shooting. I have done all sorts of "Google's" looking for how to setup a basic home system for dummies, but just can't find anything.

Besides solving the issue of no sound, I need to understand how to hookup the speakers to a 5.1 system.

Some guidance would be greatly be appreciated.

Belleville, IL
A few things at work here. Output is based on input type. In other words, input a stereo signal, and you will get a stereo output. Stereo = front left/right. So if your test speaker was connected to any output aside from the front left/right, you will get no audio.

The Receiver should have each output labeled, although even a 7.1 Receiver won't have outputs for two of those speakers. 5.1 is front left/right, rear left/right, center, and sub. A 7.1 setup also has side left/right.

Having said all of that, all Receivers have the ability to create surround channels from a Stereo input.
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