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reply to skeechan

Re: [iPad] 128 GB iPad 4 incoming.....

said by skeechan:

That is all well and good when I am at home home where I have the bandwidth to stream my native 1080P content. But if I am at home, I am not going to use an iPad to watch video content. If I am at my office I am not going to use my iPad to watch video content. And even on the road that is all well and good until you hit your LTE caps and then you are screwed. I rarely find public WiFi fast enough to stream at HD bitrates, even the dumbed down bitrates of services like Netflix. The same goes for hosting it off my own machine, my Cox upload is only 5Mb, not fast enough to stream my HD.

I have iTunes match, Google Music manager and Amazon for music content but I don't want to be tied to the Interwebs for my content. Typical LTE iPad plans wouldn't cover a single one of my movies nevertheless the multiple movies I watch while outside of WiFi. I really don't feel like paying overage fees every time I want to watch a movie or watching highly compressed and thus artifact filled content.

Cloud services are not a substitute for having the content on the device, particularly HD video content.

Again, same feelings here.

I have a personal cloud (NAS-based). I have access to ALL my music and ALL my movies over this cloud on my phone and tablets or Web browser (for free) but the interface is trashy and flaky at best. And for movies it's rare to find somewhere with the bandwidth for HD and even SD when on 3G. The most likely place I'd want to stream a movie would be in a hotel where Wi-Fi is mostly a joke.

I'll never be able to transport all my movies and that's fine as I mostly watch them at home on the big screen but I would like to be able to cart my music around.

I don't think I'm unwise to want this. I am very clear on what is available technology-wise.

And frankly, I don't always have access to the Internet.
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