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Montreal, QC

SPA3102 Linksys Cisco Can't call Mobile phone


Problem started when I called an automated machine. My dial tone didn't work. So I tried to call my mobile and I noticed I can't hear anything. Everything works fine when I receive the call from my mobile phone.

I tried »SPA3102 - DTMF Tones not Recognized! Elp! but it didn't work.

Setup :
ATA -- Laptop (on DMZ for now) -- Router -- Cable Modem

I just updated my firmware.



Saint-Hubert, QC
Seems to be 2 different problems here from what I understand. When you call an automated machine who ask you to dial some numbers like your phone number or something like that the problem is related to DTMP and you have to play with DTMF TX Method, change it to something different and do some test until will be ok.
The second problem it's one way audio and might be related to NAT settings. On the Line tab make sure you have NAT Mapping Enable and NAT Keep Alive Enable. If you still have problems let us know what router do you have and eventually what modem.
I'm not sure how can your computer be between ATA and router, most likely you have Modem->Router->ATA->Computer but you can have both ATA and computer connected to your router.


Montreal, QC
Nat are enabled and it still doesn't work.

my ata is plugged that way because my modem & router are in the basement. I just don't wanna freeze down there while troubleshooting.

Thomson DCM475 & Asus N53


reply to DoctorPINK
I am assuming that your laptop is connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet and is sharing or bridging the connection to its Ethernet interface, which is cabled to the Internet port on the SPA3102. If that's not correct, please explain the setup in detail.

What OS version is the laptop running? Are you using Internet Connection Sharing, or bridging? Have you tried the other?

Who is your VoIP provider? Have you tried another? IMO, Callcentric is best for avoiding NAT-related issues.

On the failing call to your mobile, can the VoIP user hear the mobile user? Can the mobile user hear the VoIP user?

When you call a landline number, is the audio ok in both directions?

What NAT and STUN settings are you using / have you tried?


If you can't get the Wi-Fi link working, you shouldn't need physical access to the SPA to troubleshoot a direct connection. Set Enable WAN Web Server to yes and you can then plug the device into your router and access it from the laptop. Put on your parka and go connect the SPA to a cordless phone base and your router in the basement. You can then change settings and make/receive calls from the comfort of your room.

Or, come on out here » ··· =bangkok


Montreal, QC

2 edits
connected directly to modem
isp is electronic box
nat & stun disabled
when ata call cell phone, ata can hear, cell cannot hear
when cell call ata, both can hear
when ata to ata, i can hear but they cant hear
don't know anyone on landline...

how do you configure the stun?

omfg it was a codec problem, i switched back to default 711a instead of 729a and it worked perfectly....

thanks a lot anyway!!!