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Questiong: Transferring account from TSI to another provider

How long does it normally take tofor Teksavvy to release an account if it's being transferred to another provider? My friend is transferring from Teksavvy cable service to Start cable service but they're going through Rogers to coordinate this. None of the providers are assisting and they've already cut off his Internet connection.

NOTE: No, the friend is not me, I'm quite happy with Teksavvy :-P


Toronto , ON
said by Bender_2k:

My friend is transferring from Teksavvy cable service to Start cable service but they're going through Rogers to coordinate this.

Rogers ??? TSI has no contracts

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON
reply to Bender_2k
We submit the cancellation right away. It may take up to 48 hours for it to be processed by the vendor...


reply to Bender_2k
So considering it's a weekend that means he's gonna probably be without Internet for a while then I take it o_O.


Kitchener, ON
reply to Bender_2k
Generally, there is a 5-business day wait on TekSavvy's end. That being said however, Rogers likes to wait a while to "review" the ticket to have the service switched, which means you will usually be advised of a 10 business day wait. You may want to have your friend call TSI (the only # I know off the top of my head is 1-877-779-1575) and inquire on the process. As an alternative, they can also post in the TekSavvy Direct forum to have the switch handled.

Once you've cancelled with TSI, you must get the TSI cancellation number AS WELL AS the Rogers cancellation number from the agent you speak to. Both of these numbers will be needed by Rogers in order to start the ball rolling on the transfer. Please be aware however that you may need to request that the agent push the ticket through right away as there may be a delay in some cases otherwise, depending on how the request is filled.


reply to Bender_2k
I am the guy in this story. I'm actually posting from another location.
I find the whole procedure/protocol for transferring really ridiculous.

The cancellation date was made 1 month in advanced. Both company should have more than enough time.

Now I'm stuck without internet and phone (because I use tektalk) for god knows how long until both ISP figure out what to do from there.

This has inconvenienced my family quite a lot as I'm unable to do my work and banking amongst other things.

To top it off, I remember getting screwed over through something similiar when I first signed up for TSI because it took Rogers quite a lot of time to activate my modem and now we're basically back to the same thing.

bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
what do you mean do your work? Is this a residential line?

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
reply to cynic10
I'm trying to figure out if this is an atypical situation where someone dropped the ball, or if it's really not feasible to switch without downtime if you're keeping the same modem.

Is it really not possible to cancel on a given day and have the modem re-provisioned?


reply to Tx
Yes, it's for residential. I have some kids here who needs the net to do their schoolwork. I have to constantly drop them off somewhere with free wifi.

On top of that my parents are old school so they don't know how to use cellphone. They rely on the homephone for everything else but since I use tektalk I'm basically w/o homephone and internet.

The call to cancel was made 1 month in advanced to cancel. I really hope they figure out a faster way or better protocol for this. This is basically the 2nd time something like this happened to me.