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Re: [iPad] 128 GB iPad 4 incoming.....

said by skeechan:

That is all well and good when I am at home home where I have the bandwidth to stream my native 1080P content. But if I am at home, I am not going to use an iPad to watch video content. If I am at my office I am not going to use my iPad to watch video content. And even on the road that is all well and good until you hit your LTE caps and then you are screwed. I rarely find public WiFi fast enough to stream at HD bitrates, even the dumbed down bitrates of services like Netflix. The same goes for hosting it off my own machine, my Cox upload is only 5Mb, not fast enough to stream my HD.

I have iTunes match, Google Music manager and Amazon for music content but I don't want to be tied to the Interwebs for my content. Typical LTE iPad plans wouldn't cover a single one of my movies nevertheless the multiple movies I watch while outside of WiFi. I really don't feel like paying overage fees every time I want to watch a movie or watching highly compressed and thus artifact filled content.

Cloud services are not a substitute for having the content on the device, particularly HD video content.

I think you have some facts wrong. first off on subsonic you can dictate the bandwidth/codec you want to use both for video and music. Plus streaming an mp3 from my home solution eats up very little bandwidth whatsoever both on the upload of your 5mb connection and the download on the other side.

So yes cloud services are a great substitute for not having content on the device if you know what you are doing.

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
·Cox HSI
·Verizon FiOS

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Perhaps I wasn't clear. I'm not interested in transcoded crap video. I don't need subsonic to ruin my content. If I wanted overcompressed video, I could run it through a blender myself and turn them 300MB piles of tiled dung.

For music, again, I already have iTunes match, Google music and Amazon, but again, they're no substitute for having the content on the device. I certainly have zero interest in a player that doesn't support my playlists (14K tracks, don't feeling like hunting for stuff), scrob or have the capability of playing protected content.

But even if I loved crappy video or wanted yet another music streaming source that will have me hunting 20 minutes to find a song, I also have no interest in being tied to the Internet for my content as I don't always have access to the Internet.

Cloud services are no substitute for having the content on the device, and certainly no substitute if you care at all about the quality of the content you are watching.