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San Jose, CA
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reply to elray

Re: Fusion Upgrade, Los Angeles

First, congratulations, and welcome to the club.

Now, I switched over from AT&T to Fusion a couple of years back. On a 9,156 foot loop, I had 3008/512 service from AT&T. Attenuation/SNR fell just short of qualifying for 6016/768 service. Fusion took us to 4.9 Mbps.

AFAIK, AT&T doesn't have a 640/250 plan. Their tiers are 768/384, 1536/384, 3008/512, and 6016/768. If you fall a little short, as we did, they put you on the next lower tier. I am guessing the best you could have got from AT&T was 1536/384. Your Fusion speed is consistent with being just a city lot too far for AT&T 3008/512 service; Fusion 3.1 Mbps is about double the AT&T max tier, as it was for our shorter loop.

I expect your SNR now is right around 6.0 dB, and your sync is right around 3600 kbps.
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