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Rochester, NY
reply to Gentoo

Re: [DSL] Frontier Cancellation Fee

Yes but to get the 30 day thing it must be in writing I would call and ask where to send this letter and send it registered

Rochester, NY

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Now you seem more interested in just getting it fixed? I had made the assumption from your post that you just were looking for a way out of paying the ETF because your moving. But if your move is not immediate and for now just want to get it fixed fast then do this and again I base this on assumption that you have tried to get this speed problem fixed by calling support a few times to no avail. And as many do just give up and live with it because of the term contract.
To just get it fixed fast do this and include both ping and speed tests as proof of the bad service/performance.

You need to do a few pings say 100 each time and save that as proof then call a CSR not the support people the billing service and dont let the CSR waist time let them bring up your account and as they do you ask to speak with a manager. Explain your case to him and just tell him of the pings you have to the first hop ask that he escalate your ticket and get his name and ask for a way to contact him directly. So that together you and he can get this resolved.

Bottom line is your poor performance ishue will not get fixed by a CSR you MUST talk with a customer service manager!


Murphysboro, IL
I am looking for a way to get out of paying the ETF as my move is in 4 days. I thought that I could use the poor service and there failure to fix it after multiple calls as a way not to pay.

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
Genton - Go forward with your plan. Cite the poor service and refuse to pay it. Just stick to you guns. Hopefully you pay your bill by check or something else and not permitting them to automatically withdraw from your bank.