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Heard, not seen

reply to Mimiga King

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

You're not suggesting that Rogers is throttling TPIA customers are you? That's absurd! We can't just call it "node congestion" and hope that it fixes itself? So what if my connection is crippled from 20:00 - 12:00 nightly? That doesn't mean that Rogers would actually be throttling.

In all seriousness, I actually switched from Rogers, I switched in October. I used to be a long time Teksavvy DSL customer until dry loop costs became too expensive for me. That aside, these "hiccups" which I'm paying $70 / month for, started for me the day I switched from Rogers to Teksavvy. Now, it could be coincidental but I wouldn't call it node congestion unless my entire street signed up for cable internet between October and now.

I'm not sure if I feel like paying $70 for 10/1 service anymore.

Mimiga King

Quebec, QC
It seems you may have not noticed but I am in Quebec, therefore Rogers has nothing to do with me.

Heard, not seen

Yes, I chose Rogers, as they have something to do with me. My apologies, good luck with whomever you're dealing with