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Re: This is why I decided not to choose TWC as my new ISP

said by cmatties:

said by TWCisScum :

JUST DO THE DSL OR UVERSE THING if you want your freedom. Eventually the TWC SlumLords will die off and we can all forget about them and enjoy the internet the way is was meant to be...

thats so funny. att has caps and time warner does not. also uverse is one of those stupid ideals to save money and then charge the customer even more for crap service.

you get worse service from att then you do twc

I will comment using this post ..

at&t Uverse has been hitting on me big time to switch, the door to door people seem confused when I tell them I will not switch even though their PROMO price is less than I am paying TWC for TV and Internet and they will not/can't tell me what the regular price will be.

I guess a lot complaining about Internet cost were not around in the late 1990's early 2000 when we got 1/10 (YES 10%) of the speed we get now for 150% TO 200% of the current price.

How does this sound:
768Kb/sec x 384kb for $30/mo.
1.5Mb/sec x 768Kb for up to $70/mo depending on your area(and in some cases included 5 static addresses).

These were DSL prices and "usually" required you to have regular wired phone service too.

I have had TWC for Internet since about 2002 and have had NO issues.