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reply to aadder

Re: Firewalls

said by aadder:

I'm not sure which is actually the better deal.

What other deal(s) and/or device(s) are you comparing against?

said by aadder:

Cisco said the 5505 will work but I'm not sure if it actually will since normally you half whatever a vendor says for pps.

Guessing you're referring to these two datasheets?

here and here

Yes, Cisco says UP TO 75Mbps, but I've seen other datasheets indicating as low as 35Mbps for transactional? traffic.
Agree with Anav, alittle more background on your setup, requirements, and environment is needed.

Also, and this is my own personal opinion, IPS is of a somewhat dubious value relative to the performance drop it incurs on a
high speed connection, especially if it's a home connection. Never mind the number of false positives one will have to log
and wade thru in order to make sure something screwy's not going on -- case in point, here's a list of the most recent IPS
signature updates from Cisco.