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reply to RDeanna

Re: [BC] Nelson shaw customers overpaying for something they can


Switch to telus if you can't put it up with this slow speeds, Shaw will never fix anything. they too cheap with their money, all they care bout their shareholders, you know that their stocks went up like mad for the last few months, it was 20.00 or so and now it is 23.66.


Telus is even worse in Nelson, more expensive less speed offered. I'd be more worried about Sasktel organizing a financial meeting same time RIM organized a BB one plus Sasktel has no money left, stalled upgrades, behind in firmware updates. Someone needs to buy them up to fix them.


Sasktel will never get bought out cause they crown corp. government buys them out THEN maybe yeah. Let me tell you one thing once infinet get out to everywhere and speeds will be way over what Shaw offers. Shaw will have alot to say bout their lousy service.


reply to bucko2012
I would happily consider switching to Telus if they were taking any more clients in my area, but they are not. Shaw is the ONLY option we have and they promised that it would be fixed this month at the latest. But hey thanks for your condescending and unhelpful reply.



i'm just trying to help, anyway if my post upsets u in some way, I apologize. if you want some good points, just ask other OP'S.


Ok sorry. Maybe I read a tone into it that wasn't intended. Apologies.
Frustrated these days.

Official Shaw Rep

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the delay.

The latest news is they are almost done the connections and the target date is Late February.

I have a meeting next week to get another update so i'll post again soon.


Vince Nelson

Any news from this meeting?